Rods Are Just Bugs

By Larry White

Some people still have not figured out this fairy tale farce.

The theory of "rods", which some believe are biological creatures that live in the upper atmosphere and have been filmed for over a decade, mainly in Mexico and S. America, has been disproved a number of times, but amazingly are still getting media attention as UFOs.

The photo below was taken by Shannon Story 5 years ago. All she did was stir up some insects in her yard and snapped a picture.

With a still camera you will get one frame of the bug that is going by the lens, but in that short time its wings will beat three or four times. That is from where the "rods" get their distinctive look.

With a movie camera, the insect will still beat its wings three or more times in each frame giving the illusion of a long bodied creature with undulating fins that zips by. Someone might ask, "Then why are some rods longer than others?" Their length is determined by the speed of the shutter. A longer shutter speed means more beats of the insect's wings and thus a longer "rod".

Sorry, they're just bugs.




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