Proverbs 14:12 reads: “There is a way that seems right unto a man; but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Most of us are forever perplexed about what is right and what is wrong. Perhaps no man is able to know the exact answer to every “right or wrong” issue that may confront him, but I am persuaded most of us should do a far better job than we are currently doing.

   Spiritual and moral issues become perplexing to many church members because they have not established the uncompromising decision in their life to DO THE RIGHT THING - ALWAYS! They are somewhat like a ship with no rudder, the gales of trials, and the swells of temptation push them off course at times. These are the members who “drift in and out” of the church. They attend services irregularly and spasmodically. The only thing for which they are dependable is being undependable. They have very fuzzy ideas about moral problems and seem to be guided only by the worldly principle of, “It seems alright to me” or, “Everyone else is doing it”.

   There is a way THAT IS RIGHT! This way is followed by those who have truly committed their lives to Christ. This is not to say that either their judgment or their life is without error. Being human, they do make mistakes. But their heart is firmly anchored in Christ. They seek the right answer to every spiritual and moral issue they face. They are not satisfied to let their lives drift with the tides and currents of worldly opinions and fleshly appeal. When they became Christians the issue was settled once and for all as to what course their life would pursue. There is no question, for example, whether they will attend the worship services. That decision was made a long time ago and regular attendance in the worship services is now a part of their life just as much so as eating, working, and sleeping. That ISSUE was settled, and a new decision does not have to be made every week. The same is true of moral issues. They decided a long time ago they would follow Christ, not the world. And so they try to “abstain from all appearance of evil”, and, “walk in the light as He (God) is in the light”. These are the children of God who are the “light of the world” and “the salt of the earth”. They are the backbone of the church!

Yes, there is a way that is right, unequivocally right, any time and every time. There are also ways that only SEEM right. Which of these ways do you have for the guiding principle of YOUR life?

(From THE REMINDER Glendale, Arizona.)

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