Praise Him
By Larry White

    We are priests of God.

   Part of our spiritual sacrifice is praise to our God, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

   The thing that is behind this praise, all the sowing that is behind this fruit of our thanksgiving, is the actual heart of the Gospel the mighty acts that God has done for us.

   In our miserable failure, our weakness and our undone condition, Jesus became our savior. He was delivered as a sacrifice on the cross for the sake of our sins and he was raised from the dead because of our justification.

   We were brought to a justified state before God not by our own striving to attain to that righteousness through the flesh, but by submitting ourselves in humble and trusting faith to the righteousness that comes from God through faith in Jesus, who died for us.

   When these facts are realized, the only response that could come from us is grateful thanksgiving to a loving God. Our praise of him is proportionate to our appreciation of what he has personally done for us. Jesus said that those who love much are the ones who have been forgiven much.

   God can do much for you. He can forgive all your sins, perfect you slowly into the image of his son Jesus Christ and give you an eternal inheritance as his child in Heaven.

Then you can praise him for his love for you, from your redeemed heart forever.


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