Old Testament Worthies
by Larry White  11/18/1992

   We should be careful in how we use the Old Testament examples today – applying them to the Christian. There’s a vast difference between the Old and the New Covenants.

   We are a new creature – something the world up to the time of Christ had never seen before. We no longer serve God in weakness and fear through the legal letter but we serve in newness of spirit in victory and power, in God’s favor toward us.

   The former things were written for our admonition and example – but we must approach them from our place in Christ “upon whom the fulfillment of the ages has come” (1Cor.10:11)

   Not everything an OT character experienced necessarily applies to the Christian. You might identify with an OT worthy because, like one enthusiastic preacher put it, “this guy was flesh and blood like we are!”

With that statement I might hasten to add that so was Jesus “flesh and blood like we are.”

  •       “Yes, but he was the son of God…”

     That’s true, and so are you.

  •       “But he had the Holy Spirit dwelling in him.”

     That’s true, and so do you.

  •       “Yes, but he was one with the Father and had all his power and wisdom and spiritual resources…”

That’s true, and so do you.

Not only that, but you have Christ himself living in you by his Spirit to strengthen your inner man.. The power and holiness of his life is in you.

   Quit responding to people and to situations and problems from your own resources and strength, as if you were still in the Old Testament. But rather believe that Jesus is in you; that he is working through you; that his life is your life and all his resources of life, strength, holiness, self-control and love are yours. We are not of David, he is not the one living in us – but we are of Christ, the Holy and powerful, spiritual Son of God is living within you by his Spirit.

   My wife the other day said to me after reading some of that book about the life of Christ, “I can’t live like Jesus lived, I can’t pray all night or be busy like he was and wear myself out for God like he did – I have a husband and two kids.”

   I responded, “You don’t have to live His life – he was living the life of the Jewish Messiah, responding to needs and circumstances of the time in which he lived and the job and mission he was to accomplish. Now that he has been glorified and has sent the Spirit, he wants to live the life of Laurie White.”

   I should live my life as if Christ was living the life of Larry White in my situation in my time and circumstance. What if it were possible to trade places with Jesus? He certainly could handle my situation. By trusting in him in obedience, he can deal with all my problems and turn my life around. Then when my problems are settled, he can take the potential that my life still has for his work and accomplish something wonderful for his sake through me.

   We have to remember who we are. We are a NEW creature. Paul keeps reminding us… “Put on the new man.”  Assume your rightful position before God in Christ. As Paul teaches us in Romans 6:11,

We need to account that what we see in the risen Jesus is also true of us.

    It will at times be hard – the flesh doesn’t die and give up easily. Jesus’ life wasn’t a bed of roses with no problems at all. But he overcame the world, and he has willed, according to God's purpose, that you also will overcome the world – through your faith in him.


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