Four Divine Attributes
By Larry White  2/10/1993

1.  Four qualities or aspects of God’s nature that are interrelated.

 TRUTH = the actual facts, reality – an accurate description of reality expressed in words.

  •       Father = God of all truth

  •       Jesus  = The way, the truth and the life

  •       Spirit  = The Spirit of truth

 LIGHT = the truth in its positive expression of power, purity and influence (sphere of truth). Whatever makes manifest is light.

  •      Father = God is light and in him is no darkness at all. Dwelling in the light that no man can approach unto, that no man has seen nor can see.

  •      Jesus  = Light is come into the world. “I am come a light into the world”

 LOVE = is the truth expressed from a persons heart. It’s the resultant character and personality of the light. (the “color” of the light)

  •      Father = God is love, he that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him.

  •      Jesus   = We can know the love of Christ that passes knowledge (more that just knowing truth, but being truth.)

  •      Spirit   = Paul invokes upon his readers the love of the Spirit.

 LIFE = is the summation and result of all these qualities, the positive, growing, active, regenerative, self-existing presence of one who is truth, light and love.

  •      Father = The living Father, The living God.

  •      Jesus   = In him was life; he has life in himself; he is the life from which all living things derive their life.

  •      Spirit   = “The Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” He is the communicator of the life of Christ to us.

2.  These characteristics of God are also communicated to us and we actively participate in the divine nature.

  • TRUTH: We believe, walk in, speak and uphold the truth. The truth gives us freedom, we gird ourselves with truth.
  • LIGHT: We are children of light, we walk in the light as God is in the light and in this sphere of activity we have fellowship with him.
  • LOVE: We also walk in love as God’s children, we put on love which is the bond of our maturity in Christ – we mirror the face of Jesus Christ by his Spirit from our hearts, which is the light of love.
  • LIFE: We know that we have eternal life and that this life is in God’s son – he that has and holds the Son has and holds life. Our life is Christ’s life which is to know God intimately and know his Son.

    The invitation to all mankind is to embrace and believe the truth – awake from the dead and Christ will give you light – to respond to God’s incomparable love by accepting his offer of grace. Turning from our evil way and being immersed into Christ, God extends to us life, real and abundant. All these spiritual blessings are jewels beyond compare; rich, eternal, given by God. If you value them, then come and accept the invitation.


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