By Larry White
(Originally delivered in Boise, ID. February 10, 1999)

Chart for this lesson showing the course of the two forces active in our lives.


1.) You might think that you just cannot get it right - that you are weak and unable to aspire to God.
    How do these strong Christians do it?
    Answer: Where is their heart? You can see it in their eyes - their heart is given to God. A total commitment. They gave their lives to Jesus Christ by faith.
    Illustration of crossing the Red Sea.

2.) What motivation do I have to give him my life?
    Rom.12.1-2  - Gratitude.
    1Cor. 6:19-20  - Bought with a price.
    Acts 20:28  - Jesus gave 100% of himself for you.
    Jno. 12:23-28  - What good is your life to you without God?

3.) What is the result of my giving my life to God?
    Rom. 12:1-2  - Understanding, discernment.
    1Pet. 5:8-9  - Strength to resist.
    1Jno. 3:19-22  - Confidence.

~ Invitation ~